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H.Nijmeijer Project Managing
About Me

Name:                                                       Nijmeijer

First name:                                               Henk

Date of birth                                             26-03-1959

Place of Birth                                            Enter

Street                                                       Spoorstraat 19

ZIP- code                                                 7471 BV

Place                                                        Goor

Nationality                                                Nederlandse



Education/ Courses           

1971-1975              LTS- T stroom                                                                     Certificate : Yes

                               LTS- Installation technics                                                 Certificate : Yes

1975-1977              Stork Bemetel Education                                                     Certificate : Yes

1977-1978              Stork Measure- and Controltechnics                                  Course intern

1996-1998              Autocad drawing

                                Several weldingmethods followed, as : Electric Autogenous Welding, MIG/ MAG-

                                Welding, TIG- welding

2010                       Forklift certificate
2010                       Scaffolding certificate
2010                       Fire and safety training Londen Heathrow

2005                       Lifting license overhead cranes

2005                       VCA VOL Certificate ( safety )

2008- 2009             Intern Management Training (Practical leadership/ business operations )

2008- 2009             CPR Course ( reanimation )



· MS- office,                                   excel, word, outlook

· Autocad drawing 2013



· Dutch                                          good     

· German                                       good

· English                                        good




Work ExperiencePeriod  
Period                                   :March  2013 till End of November 2013

Company                              :Wasco Energy Malaysia (wasco  Coatings Norway)

Position                                 :Mobilization Manager

Task                                      :Managing,organisation of building new factory including foundation ,insulation ,curing, Buildings ,coating and 
                                              pipehandling equipment for Heavy coat installation.

                                              Meetings with local authorities,progress meetings ,HSE(Healthy Safety Environment  ,Safety Job Analyzes      

Location                                :Mo i rana Norway 

Period                                   :July 2011 till March 2013

Company                              :HMC-Heerema

Position                                :Site representative Heerema Offshore Service

Task                                     :QC, Welding / material inspections ,Blasting and paint inspections  Progress reports ,Technical support             
                                              HSE (Healthy Safety & Environment)

Location                               :Drachten Netherlands




Period                                   :March 2011 till June 2011

Company                              :TK-PS Turn Key Pipeline Service

Position                                 :Project Manager

Task                                      :Managing  Commissioning  and Training new pipe handling equipment,HSE 
Location                                :BPPC Camrose Canada


Period                                   :Februari 2011 ,

Company                              :PMI service BV

Position                                 :Project leader

Task                                      :Leadership of commissioning inspection and preparation drawings for the dismantling of silencers,
                                               installing fabrications for dampers terminal 4

                         Heathrow Londen UK

Period                                   : July till Januari 2011,

Company                              :TK-PS Turnkey Pipeline Service

Position                                 :Project manager

Task                                      :Leadership of commissioning and training New FBE automatic stripping

                                               line the first one in the world with high pressure water pumps and water filtration system,

                                               automatic pipe in feed and outgoing system.

Location                                 Little Rock Arkansas USA




Period                                   :Januari 2010-till July

Company                              :TK-PS Turnkey Pipeline Services

Position                                 :Production manager

Task                                      :Leadership of internal coating plant Full automatic blasting and painting,

                                               pipes inside in order to the gas- and oil-industry, Providing Tool- Box meetings,

                                               technical advice, organizing,planning ,training local people on location.

Location                                 Chelyabinsk Russia.



Period                                   : September 2009 – Januari 2010      

Company                              : PMI Service BV

Position                                 : Project leader

Tasks                                    : Installing of exhaust systems on location for tunnels in Germany and Luxemburg

                                              : Organizing and placing of ventilation systems with own Developed Valve system by PMI

                                                 Contact with customers, Planning, Registration hours

Location                                   London Heathrow        




Period                                   : Augustus 2009-September 2009    

Company                              : Mercon Montage BV, Project : FLUOR Vlissingen

Position                                 : Assistant Projectmanager

Tasks                                     : Leadership to supervisors ,Hour - and progresregistration

                                                 Planning, Safety for restoration of weldingwork of monopiles for

                                                 A great windfarm, Felixstowe Engeland

Location                                   Vilssingen  Netherlands


Period                                   : 1990 - 2009         

Company                              : Bauhuis Machinefabriek BV, Goor

Position                                 : Productmanager c.q. Projectmanager on location and in the workshop

Tasks                                    : Manufacturing machine parts and frames until final

                                                complete machines in order to the gas- and oil-industry.

Location                                  Goor Netherlands



Productmanager  :

· Project preparation and accompanying 28 mechanics (included servicemechanics in the field)

· Staff Planning and Registration hours

· Providing test reports

· Material Management

· Material Procurement

· Guiding prefab manufactured in the workshop and on location

· Providing Tool- Box meetings and meanwhile determining the required subject in order to the safety

· Maintain contacts with clients and suppliers

· Logistics as regards shipping of prefabricated machines to the locations

· Drawingroom : by developing and improve existing machines and develop of new machineparts for new machines

· Ultimately be responsible for delivery and the installation of machines



Projectmanager :

· Maintain contacts with clients and suppliers

· Project preparation / Organize/ Ultimately be responsible on several locations in inland and foreign country

· Staff Planning and Registration hours

· Providing test reports

· Material Management

· Material Procurement

· Providing Tool- Box meetings and meanwhile determining the required subject in order to the safety Organize and building several machines
   in order to the pipe-coating for the gas- and oil-industry in inland and foreign country.



Period                                    : 1984 - 1989         

Company                              : Bauhuis Machinefabriek BV, Goor

Position                                 : Autonomic Construction fitter/ Welder in the workshop

Tasks                                    : Manufacturing machine parts and frames until final

                                               complete machines in order to the gas- and oil-industry.


Period                                   : 1980 - 1983         

Company                              : Building- and Construction company aan de Stegge, Goor

Position                                 : Autonomic Construction fitter/ Welder/ Mechanics

Tasks                                    : Welding of Columns and frames, placing of complete halls,

                                                the plating of roofs, walls and other accessories.


Period                                   : 1975 - 1980         

Company                              : Stork ketel- en apparatenbouw, Hengelo

Position                                 : Pipe Bender / Construction fitter

Tasks                                    : Manufacturing pipes and boiler walls in order to gas plants

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